Brainbiter: A Sword, Not an Axe

In the days of W the Conqueror, the land was wracked by spiritual famine and tears. The faithful were assailed by strange norms from across the TV channels. They were forced to accept the rule of these norms after being yoked to the heathen, thus subjecting them to the hated Normin’ Yoke. But hiding out amid the brackish blogs on the web was an army of freedom fighters, among them David of Pawborough, also called David the Wake, meaning wary and sleepless. In the cause of liberty and justice David wielded the sword of the Spirit (nicknamed Brainbiter) after the manner of Jesus mocking the Pharisees.

[OK, so this is an altered version of Robert Lacey’s account of Hereward the Wake. Go read the story for yourself.]


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