The Unevolved Evolutionist

From Vox Day, defender of the faith:

The irony of the intelligent believer

It is really not that ironic, of course. Atheists claim that belief in the God of the Bible is not merely another cultural phenomenon to be valued for adding to the general diversity of opinions; rather, they consider it a defect that contributes to holding back all of humanity from achieving its ultimate destiny. The irony is that although Social Darwinism is disowned by politically correct evolutionists today, they go on thinking that there is something fundamentally inhuman about belief in God.

The atheist fable goes something like this:

Sometime in the eighteenth century a superior race of human, homo scientiae, evolved. This race purportedly possessed advanced survival skills and therefore overwhelmed the sadly maladapted homo religiosus. In the nineteenth century, homo religiosus was supposedly shown the astounding truth of its truly animal nature and the inevitability of its extinction. I’m told that in the twentieth century, homo scientiae created a veritable paradise on earth by following the enlightened principles of Rationalism, Science, and Atheism. Apparently, though, not all the specimens of the inferior race were eradicated, and they have inexplicably survived in tiny isolated communities, using their primitive stone tools and “talking” in their indecipherable prelinguistic grunts. Perhaps, soon, the more humane persons among the highly evolved homo scientiae will round up the remaining troglodyte specimens from the inferior homo religiosus, locking them up in cages for their own protection. When they finally disappear from their natural habitat, all the little scientifically bred children will still be able to go see them and throw popcorn at them.


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