From the New York Times:

January 9, 2006
The Unmasking of JT Leroy: In Public, He’s a She

I’m not going to link to it, because you can’t read it anyway without registration. I’d never heard of JT Leroy before, but the NYT article is revealing enough in a confessional sort of way. Leroy was supposedly a “transgendered” rural West Virginia boy, forced into child prostitution and then infected with AIDS, who became a literary celebrity. As with George Bush, you couldn’t help loving him if you were already preconditioned to believe any story so unbelievably perfect in its ideological appeal, so perfectly matched to what you wanted, a synthesis of every pathetic political motivation you ever wished were authentic.

In this case, it was liberal newspaper hacks, literati, movie producers, and singing celebrities (no actual “journalists” or “musicians,” though) who were taken in. Leroy not only was not a natural person, his ghost writer and his stunt double were women. This sounds like something a 22nd-century bard would make up as an allegory of 21st-century homosexual psychology.

The perpetrators of this literary phenomenon were cynically manipulating liberal public opinion. Liberals love myths, just like they loved George Bush after 9-11. It doesn’t matter who the narrator is, as long as the domination is universal in scope and democratic in theme. Oh yeah, and there has to be a victim that you can gush about.

Here’s a clue: If it sounds too good to be true, don’t buy it. You’re being set up. Walk away.


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