Tooned in to Looneys

Mainstream American liberals have to be careful when dealing with this issue of the Danish cartoon showing Mohammed, that they do not sound prejudiced against people they think are completely wrong. You can see that liberals are dangerously close to admitting that they share the same cultural values as their cohorts, the mainstream American conservatives. Likewise, the mainstream conservatives have to be careful not to sound like mainstream liberals by defending the right to offend traditional religious values.

They have to maintain enough distance between themselves in order to perpetuate the fiction that there is some kind of massive partisan battle going on, a kind of spiritual warfare, in American politics. There really isn’t. They are both in complete agreement on many issues:

God is good. Jesus the risen Savior is bad. Voting is always good. Voting for third parties is bad. Education at school is always good. Education at home is bad. Democracy is always good. The original US Constitution is bad. Television is good. History is bad. Being like everyone else is good. Being too smart is bad. The federal government is always good. Bad people want to kill us all, and only a strong national leader can keep us safe.


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