Biased Gossip

What is media bias?

It’s that feeling you get when your gossip sounds different from other people. If you are fixated on the notion that in order to be valid, an idea must be approved by the majority of people, then it becomes very important to ensure that the “real” story gets told. After all, if the real story isn’t told, then no one will be convinced you are right, and your point of view will become invalid. And if your story is not told at all, you basically will cease to exist. Welcome to high school.

If you’re upset because not enough people are getting the Truth from newspapers/TV/radio/websites/blogs, then you don’t really know what the Truth is. The Truth does not need to be sanctified by democratic consensus. If you think that the paid storytellers know the Truth and are deliberately lying to everyone to turn the majority against your tribe, you need to get a grip on reality. The storytellers don’t know the Truth; they’re just telling a story. The People don’t want to know the Truth; they just want to hear a story.

Are most of the paid storytellers Libruls? Not necessarily. Maybe they’re just empty-headed, sentimental crowd-pleasers. They really, really, really want to believe to that they are fair and open-minded…but that means that anyone who doesn’t look fair and open-minded to them is a backwards, prejudiced, knuckleheaded ogre. On the other hand, those ogres pay the bills, so it’s good to give them the bloody, titillating drivel that they really love.

Liberalism means having a blank, open mind, ready to be possessed by any wandering spirit. Liberalism has nothing to do with tolerance or pluralism. Liberalism means making sure that everyone else agrees with your sentimental idealism, because it would really hurt if anyone didn’t like you.


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