Passion Fruit

Purple rides upon the blackened
Waves of misdirected bracken
Shot out of the hole that hides
A melancholy soul inside.

I can’t remember if I cried
When I heard about the one who died
To calm the storm that seemed to be
About to overshadow me.

I do remember cliffs of light
Ascending from a spectral night
That flames of sacrificial pyres
Could not conceal with old desires.

Upon the twisted worm of fate
I rode, aghast at all the hate-
Encumbered faces turned to see
The bane of mediocrity.

No simple-minded smile appeared
To pacify the squids who feared
That maybe they would get the blame
For someone else’s death and shame.

Instead the hung-up slacker dared
To ask for the guilty to be spared;
And with a last exultant cry,
He crossed the finish line to die.


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