Terminal Education

Here’s a link to the report showing that, indeed, terminal boredom may the biggest problem in schools:


If you want to understand how highly teachers are esteemed, try telling someone you plan to homeschool.

Immediately you will hear what a stupid idea it is because all primary and secondary teachers must be highly qualified, thoroughly educated in their specific area of expertise as well as in complex educational theory and curriculum design. Most states require the equivalent of a masters degree to be a licensed primary or secondary teacher.

If you retort with statistics about homeschooled students’ performance on standardized tests, you will meet with the default argument: “They will not be properly socialized.”

As if all those idiot parents want their local government to spend $6,000 a year so their kids can hang out at a country club for 7 hours a day.

This experience shows the ultimate stupidity of public school advocates. When it comes to the bottom line, all they want is proper socialization, and teachers are just baby-sitters. All the window-dressing of professional requirements is simply to assuage their guilt. Not surprising, then, that there is little public support for raising teacher salaries, and consequently they need the support of a union, as if they were unskilled laborers.


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