Give the Terrorists Some Credit

Are you supporting the terrorists?

If your unsecured debt doesn’t exceed your annual income, you are.

If you are actually trying to pay off your credit cards, that’s like handing a nuclear bomb to a terrorist!

If you stop buying stuff on credit, the terrorists have already won, because they want you to think you have to live on a budget. That’s part of their plan to attack our way of life, because they hate our freedom to buy on credit. This is a war of the modern credit system against the barbaric “real money” system.

Take a look at your paper money, if you have any. It doesn’t have any intrinsic value. It is legal tender for all debts, public and private.

So, instead of destroying your country, send a message to the terrorists that you’re not afraid, that you won’t give in to their threats by “saving” money. Let them know that you love our way of life and you’re going to spend money until they choke on their rage! Sure, cool stuff costs a lot of money, but patriotism is priceless!


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