Saving the Martyrs

I find this hand-wringing over the fate of Abdul Rahman kind of pathetic. I have no idea how he feels, although I suppose he doesn’t want to die this way. He apparently has a minor child, and custody was a source of his family’s antagonism toward him.

The spoiled Christians in America think this is a political problem, though. They think it is a problem of lack of will on the part of the greatest Christian president in history, the one who stands tall for his beliefs, doesn’t bow to political pressure, and never backs down. Somehow they believe he’s lost his way and needs to be shown a little street activism to convince him of the right thing to do. And the right thing, of course, is for the Arm of the President to reach out and pluck this poor man from the hands of his oppressors.

This is wrong on so many levels. First of all, if this man has placed his faith in Christ, he is not afraid of death. Secondly, if American Christians had placed their faith in Christ, they wouldn’t believe that a street rally is necessary to save Rahman; if God wants to save him, He won’t be walking around with a protest sign. Finally, the current Afghan government holds power at the pleasure of the US government. Regardless of the internal politics of Afghanistan, there is still a foreign occupying army in their country.

Finally, there is the conundrum of democratic liberalism: Sometimes democracy yields a political result that doesn’t fit American liberal ideals. Get over it, guys. If you want to impose an American legal system in Afghanistan, why don’t you just say that, instead of lying about democratic regime change? The legal problem there is really that the central government is not powerful enough. What they need is for the US Supreme Court to go over there and show them how a powerful central government strikes down local laws in the name of morality.

The truth hurts: Democratic liberalism is NOT the same as pluralism. Democratic liberalism is intolerant of grassroots popular culture that contradicts liberal ideals, so it needs a strong central government to enforce its idealistic morality.


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