Roman Catholic Commentators

From my second favorite Roman Catholic commentator, John J. Reilly, referring to President Achmedinajad’s Grand Remonstrance to President Bush:

No, this was not a “last warning” to embrace Islam. The letter does not exhort Bush to embrace Islam, but rather to return to the teachings of Jesus. The most interesting aspect of the letter is its real audience…All-in-all, this letter looks like the kind of thing that have might proceeded from the pro-Islamist European Left.

Ah, yes. This goes along with what I was reading in Sp!ked a while back (Blog Laden), as well as what I wrote later (Modernity and Barbarism). Moslem jihadism is a thoroughly modern phenomenon of the Enlightenment dressed up in a scary old mask.

Then there’s this, from my third favorite Roman Catholic commentator, Steve Kellmeyer:

Cities across the nation are in upheavel as Catholics, Christians and Jews riot over the imminent release of the Da Vinci Code movie.
. . .
Contrary to earlier reports, the news of Christian riots appears to have been somewhat exaggerated.

Did you ever wonder why Western leftists and Moslem jihadists can have a civil conversation about the evils of the US Christian Right? It’s because they are in agreement about the path of history. They have the same basic objectives, the denial of Jesus’ divinity and lordship, and the establishment of a grandiose worldwide utopia ruled by a benevolent human monarch.

Everyone with this kind of globalist vision is headed for a fall. I don’t care if you are a Protestant Dominionist or Restorationist, a Roman Catholic anti-Reformationist, a Moslem jihadist, a communist, a Gaia worshipper, or a Unitarian Universalist. When a global government is established by men, it will be owned by the Beast. Hoping for such a government is a denial of Christ’s lordship.

Does that bother you? Tough. As my Polish grandma would say, if you don’t like it, you can leave.

She was, after all, my favorite Roman Catholic comentator.


2 thoughts on “Roman Catholic Commentators

  1. Damn, this makes more sense than anything I’ve read on the blogosphere since Jason’s Beach Resort closed (an excellent blog – seems the truly good ones die young).
    Maybe you don’t need that lobotomy after all!

  2. Good thing…I really hate icepicks! The icepick lobotomy, BTW, is being done nowadays with drugs. It’s the same old song and dance: Control the mouthy ones by having them declared “mentally ill.”

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