No Hypocrite Left Behind

Basically, the federal government has no business dictating to the states how to run their schools, and I think that the No Child Left Behind Act is a worthless law.

However, the debate over NCLB makes clear how hypocritical some people are with regard to education. The NEA demands that homeschoolers must all be “highly qualified,” but balks at certifying all its members. Whenever a public school superintendent is asked for an opinion about homeschoolers, their first response is a concern about whether the child is being tested and monitored, but they are outraged at anyone presuming to test and monitor their students. The same public school teachers who claim that homeschooling parents are neglecting their children constantly whine about the parents who dutifully leave all the teaching to the “professionals.”

You would think, from such responses to this issue, that public schools are little more than country clubs for all these bright, happy children and their caring babysitters. That would explain why public school advocates drone on and on about the “lack of socialization” for homeschoolers, but then go on to moan and complain about strict requirements for public school teachers and students.


One thought on “No Hypocrite Left Behind

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