Lions and Hares

Two wolves and a sheep are watching a play about democracy. In an assembly of various animals, one hare after another stands up and delivers eloquent pleas for perfect equality among the animals, in addition to redress of grievances for all the past harm suffered by herbivores and apologies for silencing their authentic voices over the centuries. A lion finally takes his turn and says, “You speak well, hares, but where are your teeth and claws?” The hares object, but the assembly tables their motion.

Outside the assembly room, the lions approach the hares. “What do you think you’re doing, anyway? We’re going to rip you guys apart and have you for lunch!”

Suddenly, each of the hares pulls out a handgun and collectively they blow away the lions in a hail of gunfire. The shreds of lion costumes are clearly visible hanging off the fallen bodies of the human actors. The hares take off their own costumes and walk away.

One wolf turns to the sheep and says, “Wow, this modern theatre is wild stuff. Hey, how about we go have lunch?”

MORAL: It’s just a play.


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