War As Stunt

Brendan O’Neill strikes again with a rocket attack on the hypocrites:

Western supporters of both Israel and the Lebanese seem singularly obsessed by media coverage. In their columns and their blogs they monitor in minute detail what each broadcaster and newspaper says about the war. It is telling that instead of plotting the strategic developments in the conflict they analyse the extent to which media support is shifting in favour of the Israelis or the Lebanese. In war-as-stunt, where the aim is merely to assert your power or bravery to an international audience, the media become the real battlefield, where things are won and lost.

Is this really a new phenomenon? It sounds like that old high school game of bull moose, where one tough guy throws himself at another in a seemingly impromptu display of bravery, although each has carefully organized his slack (i.e., posse) beforehand. Each bloodies the other in a carefully orchestrated public confrontation, then each retreats to his respective turf for some backslapping, a few beers, and flattering words from the girls.


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