You seem not to like to be martyred

From a letter written by atheist philosopher George Santayana, 6 October 1948:

One of the “Beatitudes”, which you quote is “Blessed are they that mourn;” so that if you were a really blessed Christian you would be mourning joyfully and full of expectations of soon being comforted, not by the “human Jesus”, but by The Divine Christ coming with “more than Twelve legions of angels” to put an end to this evil world. You seem to me very unregenerate in wanting to have no enemies to love, and no footpads to steal your coat, to whom you could give your trousers also. And you ought to expect tribulation and persecution (and you don’t seem to be persecuted) so that you might be truly Jesus-like and not resist evil. You seem to me not to have understood that the “peace” that Christ is the Prince of is not the absence of wars in this world, but the absence of revolt in the soul to any temporary trial or martyrdom. You seem not to like to be martyred. Can it be because you have nothing to be martyred for? Christian peace is like that of St. Laurence who said to his executioners, “Turn me over on the other side, for on this I am already roasted”


One thought on “You seem not to like to be martyred

  1. Very insightful for an atheist. Very. But how would one be persecuted in this country?Probably by not adhering to the ACLU’s idea that Christians should confine their ideas behind closed doors. Myself, I’ve had a car window broken out, rocks thrown at me, and been yelled at, because of ‘spiritual activism’, and only one of those was for pro-life work. I suppose my methods aren’t for everyone: I’m a professional sign maker. I make signs that have and put them where hey can be seen. I’m not one of those that goes to funerals of soldiers and yells nonsense.

    I guess I should be specific. I protested under a large billboard about how great Mary is, or how people should pray to her, can’t remember, that’s when stones were thrown at me. Right now, I have a sign on my truck with a picture of a man sitting in front of a computer monitor. The text is Matthew 5:28 “whoever looks on a woman to lust…” I was yelled at for that. I’m starting a website for people to download free clipart like I put on my own signs.

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