No Respect

From reading the education blog D-Ed Reckoning, as well as links to others, such as Teaching in the 408, parentalcation, and From the Trenches of Public Ed., I am starting to see a trend.

The first notice to me of this trend was actually the critique of evolution instruction at the Dawkins site. Then there was this item about fuzzy math.

Previously, I had been hearing that the reasons for full-day kindergarten included improving student test scores in later grades, as well as improving high school graduation rates. Don’t these students have schools to go to between kindergarten and graduation? Don’t legislators trust their professional public school teachers?

The trend is that nobody except Carrie Luce seems to believe that public schools can be trusted to educate most children.

My first thought was, if I were a highly educated, “rational” atheist parent, I would not send my children to public school; not because the readers in English classes glamorize witches, ancestor worship, and spirit guides, but because it is incapable of providing a sound education in the secular fundamentals. This is, in fact, the position of atheist physics professor Mike Morris.

Maybe community college professors can do reactive teaching for their own children to compensate for the intractable defects in public education. But it is irresponsible to then turn around and support public schooling unequivocally.


4 thoughts on “No Respect

  1. I decided Luce is not parodying anything. All you have to do is look at Germany to see there’s a whole lot of people who believe statements like “socialization is the most important facet of school.”

  2. So what’s your opinion of the article linked to under “fuzzy math”? The author says a lot about the history of math education. Does it correlate with your experience teaching math?

  3. I only taught one week, though I’ve tutored in math labs for several years.

    From my one week of indoctrination, what I saw is they try to make math easy. You’re supposed to do all these “activities” to make math more engaging for the students. You spend 30 minutes talking about a 5 minute idea.

    On the other hand, the state standardized test for the 8th grade looked to me fairly difficult, and they don’t let them use a calculator on it. They’re trying to raise the standards, but it’ll just result in another scam.

    At this one sorry school I was applying to after I quit the first school, the interviewers were asking me if I would be able to attend classes on the weekends. The government was requiring the teachers to attend these classes because the school was a low performing school. The worse the school, the more money they pour into it.

  4. The scam part was that instructors were making money off teaching the classes that the teachers had to attend, though the teachers who had to attend didn’t get any extra money.

    It’s not going to change anything because the discipline is so bad in the schools. But the instructors are getting their cut.

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