Failed Experiment

Son of Zapata tried an experiment in democratic discourse, with this disclaimer:

She moderates all her comments, and I don’t think it will suit her purposes to let that one through.

Then he describes how it failed:

My last comment didn’t make the cut.* You’d think, what with her lecture about her intolerance of the da white man, she’d have appreciated someone trying to take on the role of her official spokesdawhiteman.

Yeah, I’ve had that experience at other sites (though not at Professor Zero’s), and I wrote a similar post in response. I decided that weblogs are an experiment in Jeffersonian democracy, where everyone is entitled to be a small property owner, rather than an experiment in Leninist communism, where everyone’s property is open to public use.

But what of hypocrisy? Hypocrisy is just another form of irony. That’s why it is easy to use it for comedic effect. However, its practical significance is limited to the sphere of public relations. Just try privately pointing out to someone with real power their own hypocrisy or that of their hierarchical superiors. You will get a blank look or a guffaw, I predict, because people with real power are pragmatists, not idealists.

A blog is just a street-level window onto an artist’s studio, as in ninth grade when the English teacher would have you read one or two passages from your journaling assignment. Blog comments are like the questions and remarks from the class. Some comments are interesting, some are careless, some are disruptive, but they help to guide the writer.

Some writers want to develop a certain style, some want to get a political reaction, some want to manage a Sim City, and some just want to hear themselves read out loud. I use it as a way to procrastinate writing something substantial, with the hope that eventually something lifelike will spontaneously arise from it, as in abiogenesis. It hasn’t worked yet.

*If you go to Professor Zero now, you can see Zapatito’s comment.


2 thoughts on “Failed Experiment

  1. Yeah – actually I published him as soon as I saw him, spent over 12 hours away from the computer and impatient Zapatito thought he was spammed or something. A C-list blogger like me only needs to moderate out the uncivil, the grandstanders and of course, the ads that slip by the spam filter.

  2. The other “failed experiment,” which I didn’t make very clear, is that ZK tried allowing comments for awhile, but now they’re turned off.

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