Problem Solving in Nature

Comparing Problem Solving in Nature and TRIZ

TRIZ is a Russian acronym for “Theory of Inventive Problem Solving.” In this article a TRIZ aficionado analyzes certain engineering problems from a biological perspective.

Never mind that an engineering problem presupposes an abstract formulation of circumstances and a need to overcome obstacles to ideal performance, and an engineering solution requires the application of general principles that cannot be inferred from the specific case.

The fact that the author refers to biological structures as engineering solutions is not remarkable; as an engineer, he quickly passes over the requisite pap about “evolutionary pressures” to concentrate on useful design features.

It is a mundane fact that “laws of evolution” have absolutely no part in his analysis. Why? Because they don’t matter. They are mutually incompatible and there is no empirical data concerning how evolutionary processes may have resulted in the structures being studied. In the real world, fairy stories are only useful for entertaining small children.


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