Challenge Reading

Now that I’ve decided to edjicate myself, I’m going to start by reading A Paradigm Theory of Existence: Onto-Theology Vindicated. When I get burned out by that, I’ll turn to the Signet compilation of Dostoyevsky stories featuring Notes from Underground. And, finally, I’m going to start a book recommended on Vox Popoli, Umberto Eco’s Mouse or Rat? Translation as Negotiation. I’m afraid Pinker will have to wait, since I want to first read his essay in Intelligent Thought, and I can’t get that one yet.

Update (5/24)

OK, I gave up on Dostoyevsky after reading “White Nights” and “House of the Dead.” He is much more depressing than Kafka.

I also gave up on A Paradigm Theory of Existence and read just excerpts from the first and last chapters: too much like Heidegger.


One thought on “Challenge Reading

  1. I started reading Notes from the Underground, but it didn’t capture my attention fast enough. Stories where some person is just talking to you first person for long periods of time aren’t usually that entertaining.

    The Brothers Karamazov is my favorite. A bunch of his other novels are infatuation stories, and in Crime and Punishment, the “heroe” of the story murders a woman (or two?), and you end up feeling sorry for the murderer and not caring about the victims because they weren’t “beautiful people.” Liberal “victim” nonsense.

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