The Big BAT

I finally got around to watching the anarcho-primitivist fantasy Escape from L.A., in which the estimable Snake Plisskin goes up against the Big Bad American Theocracy (The Big BAT)!

In this movie, the Dominionists finally get their wish to rule America from the Holy City (Lynchburg, Virginia!). From LYNCH-burg they direct the deportation of the immoral to the penal island of Los Angeles, unless they repent to the Grand Inquisitor, in which case they are immediately executed! The Big BAT uses high-tech gadgets to dominate America, and if they get their super-neutron-EMP-raybeam satellite remote controller back, they can dominate the world by knocking out all the computer technology in the Third World! Unfortunately for them, some equally retrograde communists want to do the same to them! Snake snarls, blows stuff up, shoots people while riding a motorcycle, surfs a tsunami, hang-glides, and shoots five baskets in a row! Cool!


  • The Big BAT is all over the technology. This is not the same Big BAT that the evolutionists despise, because their Big BAT hates science and technology and wants to return America to the Dark Ages. In this movie, Snake returns us to the Dark Ages by destroying the Big BAT computer technology!
  • Destroying all the Third World computer technology in 2o13 would, apparently, return them to the Dark Ages of 1995. Would this really be a problem for them?
  • The Big BAT Prez orders the execution of his seditious daughter by electrocution. Excuse me, whatever happened to stoning? Come on, BAT-baiters, that is one of the funniest gags you’ve got! Use it for all it’s worth!
  • This movie missed a BIG chance to promote political rationalism by showing what would happen in the far future if the communists beat the Big BAT and started a perfect political system based on evolutionary theory, where all the woo dudes are exiled or executed! Oh, wait. . .somebody already did that 90 years ago! Holy Soviet Union, BAT-man!

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