Knowledge, if it means more than dumb feeling, looks to some existent or ideal object; but the terms of this knowledge are necessarily ideal in any case; so that in taking ideal terms to describe existence, all knowl­edge of facts implies a literal and immeasurable ignorance, miti­gated by a constant possibility of verifying a virtual knowledge of environing powers in terms of their effects in human life, material and moral: which involves an intimate dramatic knowledge of the virtues and evils of that life itself.

–George Santayana, Dominations and Powers (1951), p. 189


4 thoughts on “Knowledge

  1. Dave, you need to put up a search widget and a categories widget in your sidebar. I was going to look for one of your posts on evolution, but I can’t do it.

  2. Your quote of Santayana is an example of what I call dense language, and you write that way lots of time. A page of thought is compacted into several sentences or a paragraph through the use of closely spaced, heavy words.

    The upside is efficiency of space and a rhythmic effect.

  3. Almost everything I’ve read for the last 25 years is written like that, so it isn’t surprising that I would write like that. The downsides are that I hardly enjoy fiction anymore, and others find it difficult to understand what I’m talking or writing about.

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