If only. . .

“People are prepared to accept that there’s diversity,” said Chris Stringer, a research leader at London’s Natural History Museum, who was not involved in the latest work. “But of course what is uncertain is how widespread it was through the last six million years.”

“If we had a complete fossil record, would we see branching events right through that period of time … or were there only specific times of branching events?” Stringer said.

National Geographic News, 13 July 2007

Again, an honest scientist clarifies the exaggerations made by non-scientists. If only the attack puppies of evolutionary theory would concentrate on actual events, and stop making claims about how they “know” exactly what happened because they have a “complete record,” then perhaps I would take them more seriously.


2 thoughts on “If only. . .

  1. The problem is that it is bigger than life: It is an ideal vision of perfect Nature in the past and perfect Humanity in the future, with god merely a well-crafted gold statue.

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