Low Marx for Darwinism

I’m going to be very pragmatic here and recommend reading Larry Arnhart, a proponent of Darwinian conservatism. Here is his paper on natural moral law, which I will have to analyze later.

The most interesting thing I want to note here is that he doesn’t accept the modern theory of bonobo politics that is so well-loved by many Darwinists, in which bonobos are “equal parts dolphin, Dalai Lama, and Warren Beatty.” The liberal worship of bonobos is really preposterous and makes me want to throw up.

Moreover, Arnhart rejects the tendency to separate Darwinism from modern culture, the way progressive liberals like Pizzy Myers do. He accurately traces this kind of thinking to Karl Marx, stating that “Marx and Engels set up a sharp dichotomy between animal nature and human culture, so that they could say that Darwinian science explained the natural world of animals and the human body but not the uniquely human world of cultural history.” This discrepancy is one of the most maddening characteristics of liberal Darwinism. They want to be naturalistic right up to the point where people become enlightened enough to vote for progressive liberals, and then they start floating through a cloud-cuckoo socialist fairyland while claiming that they are being “scientific” and “materialistic.”


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