UBL Enters Stage Left

Finally, we come full circle, as the “leader” of Al-Qaeda gives up on militant religious anarchism and accepts twentieth-century Euro-American ideological stereotypes:

Bin Laden’s new image: younger, more Marxist

It doesn’t matter whether this is the “real” UBL. This is the one speaking to the great masses of disaffected, alienated pseudo-radicals around the world, the nascent True Believer types described by Eric Hoffer.  As he retreads old-fashioned 1960s rhetoric with 1990s themes, this UBL will hit right at the core of post-Cold War American middle-class anxieties. The obvious next step is for a younger, hipper associate of UBL to come out with a “jihad rap” video, complete with a harem bumping and grinding to the backbeat.

Somewhere in a small house in the United States, an Archie Bunker lookalike is starting to sweat, his eyes are starting to bulge, and he is involuntarily crushing his beer can.


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