Zombie Nation

David Warren writes about the dangers of institutionalized education:

Get out of that education “system” while you still can, and before it has made you into a spiritual corpse, mouthing politically-correct clichés along with all the other zombies. Get yourself a real education, in what you can find of the world, and see what you can accomplish without participating in the credentials racket. Make your “core relationship” with God, rather than with some Kafkaesque bureaucracy. Discover a vocation in which you can advance the cause of the good, the true, and the beautiful. And raise children — in poverty, if necessary — who will also defy the zombism of our post-modern age.

These are also my sentiments. Many Christians justify homeschooling solely on the principle that “God says to do it,” but I have a more nuanced viewpoint.

Within an institutionalized system of education, the student is confronted with a false dilemma: whether to love education, as presented by the institutional authorities, or to love freedom, as presented by thugs, drama queens, and class clowns. Rarely does a good student realize that “education” is not the same as “learning”; likewise, the bad student rarely realizes that “freedom” is not the same as “liberty.” Only a student who is freed from the legalistic system of institutionalized education discovers the liberty to actually learn, which is God’s purpose for the human mind.

In practice, this secret is revealed gradually to the mummified brain of the public-schooled student; only after three or four years of college, sometimes not until graduate school, is the student allowed to experience an authentic learning environment. This is done to buffer them from the shocking revelation that most of their educational career was wasted on conditioning exercises meant to discipline them to sit down, shut up, read carefully, and listen. Or rather, the conditioning was aimed at controlling a crowd of students sitting in their little proto-cubicles, by manipulating the most bored and angry ones.


2 thoughts on “Zombie Nation

  1. Public schools are, by self-definition, indoctrination camps to train a gullible populace to embrace socialism with secular-humanist religious zeal. My contemporaries are all shocked of what they discover going on in the schools– but everything is going just as the higher powers planned.

    Homeschooling is not superior because Mom and Dad do it; it is superior because a child is actually educated, and not indoctrinated.

  2. Absolutely. Often, an individual parent is objectively inadequate to do the job. The important distinction for the child is still that he or she will be treated as an individual, not part of an undifferentiated mass being pushed through the meat grinder.

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