Slaves to the World

Christians who support torture are loathsome. Does that make me want to stop going to church? No, it makes me want to vote Constitutionalist or Libertarian. Because Christians who support torture are slaves to Pharisaism and the worldly lust for power, I say get them out of power for their own sakes. Give me a bloodthirsty pagan emperor, if you have to, but stop maligning the name of Jesus Christ.

From Vox:

We live at a time where Americans, completely uninformed by an incurious media and enthralled by vengeance-based fantasy television shows like “24”, are actually cheering and encouraging such torture as justifiable revenge for the September 11 attacks. Having been a rescuer in one of those incidents and personally affected by both attacks, I am bewildered at how casually we have thrown off the mantle of world-leader in justice and honor. Who we have become? Because at this juncture, after Abu Ghraieb and other undignified exposed incidents of murder and torture, we appear to have become no better than our opponents.

Waterboarding is Torture… Period 

Some of the commenters at Evangelical Outpost like to whine about how sanctimonious and self-righteous it is to denounce waterboarding when an online commenter is not in the position of victim, interrogator, or the friend or family member of a victim. That, however, is precisely the point. Perhaps, under duress, I would torture someone I didn’t care about to save someone I did–because in that situation, I might completely ignore any moral or ethical considerations.

Not being in that situation, however, we can consider the moral implications. And if, under ideal conditions, someone urges us to dehumanize another person on the grounds that God demands it in principle, even if it is contrary to our conscience . . . well, I just have to say that they have gone beyond the bounds of any religious loyalty for me. I have no problem saying that such a person has no integrity, no Christian witness, no credibility, and no respect from me. They aren’t just wrong, they are dishonest and corrupt.


5 thoughts on “Slaves to the World

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  2. Oh, he’s back! Thanks for the grudging compliment. I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I like to wallow with the swine, if only because it feels good when I wash off. That’s the beauty of blogging: I can always jump back into my own pen.

    You make an interesting point, though: “he’s just not opposed to cuckolds who are all talk.” I’ve always had a morbid fascination with charismatic people and people who speak boldly. I love watching how they wear their persona, and how they sometimes mishandle it. If they get really hostile or pushy, though, I shut them out.

  3. Hostile to you, you mean. When I’m hostile to other people, that’s pure entertainment to you. I can’t say I’m not the same. It also works the same for most people. We can rail on Bush, and people won’t necessarily take it personal, but if we rail on them for voting for Bush, they don’t like that.

    I’m not used to looking to see if someone commented on my trackbacks, so it took me a while to find this. I don’t think of a trackback as a comment, and although I usually get quite a few hits (higher than normal) from Woit or Sean when I link to their posts, I don’t know that anyone has ever commented on my post, not that I make much effort or any effort to wade through the comments to see. Science Woman bozos did once, but now she blocks my trackbacks.

    But I was looking to compile your recent posts and comments by Ed about the natural connection between Darwinism and totalitarian forms of government.

    Now I have to decide whether I want to open up my blog again, because I turned it back to private. If I don’t turn in back to public, I won’t get any trackbacks here when I link to four of your posts in your Darwinism/Nazi/Lenin/Stalin series.

  4. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

    I completely agree with you. I’m sick to my stomach over the current state of the religious ‘right’ – those who claim themselves Christian yet support invasions, bombings, suspension of Habeas Corpus and torture. Vile and discouraging.

    I wonder if they read their bibles.

  5. It is not the incidents or alleged incidents of torture that bother me so much–they seem bad, but I’m not really in a position to evaluate who did what and why. Likewise, the execution of the “war” itself is difficult to assess from a civilian perspective. What I don’t like is some loudmouth getting everyone’s attention and then laying out the reasons why Jesus would torture terrorists and shoot unarmed civilians. I make a distinction between the tough choices a soldier has to make under pressure and the deliberate choice made by a comfortable civilian to justify savagery.

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