The Devil’s Rejects

Here’s a fun blog for unbelievers: Dwindling in Unbelief, with its sister site, The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible. I have read both before, but since someone recently pointed me to an entry on “faith-based medicine,” I took another look. Very stimulating.

I am one of those execrable Christians who spends a lot of time wallowing in atheistic rhetoric and philosophy, motivated by a sort of morbid fascination. By comparison, I haven’t sat through an entire horror movie in over 20 years because the gore and violence are too nauseating, yet I still compulsively read plot summaries for them. The results are pretty much the same: I end up satisfying my curiousity while still remaining convinced that the full experience, that intense feeling of identification with either the active or the moral protagonist, would throw me into a manic-depressive mental illness.

As with horror movies, despite eagerly reading atheist critiques of monarchical theism I keep my distance, desiring neither the exultant ferocity of the monster nor the pathetic outrage of the victim.


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