American Idolatry

Some atheists are twittering again about sightings of the Flying Theocracy Monster. Apparently, for the first time ever, a presidential candidate may be trying to take advantage of religious sentiment among the electorate [Fe].* What’s next? Prayer services in the White House? The Bible being used in courtrooms? God being mentioned in speeches? Oh, the tragedy…the humanity…the grieving for the loss of our freedom from religion [Fe].

*Fe = irony warning 

The atheists and the lukewarm “Christians” need to get over themselves. Religion is irrelevant in government work except from a marketing standpoint, that is, in political campaign lying.

The president’s job is to run his little bureaucracy and let most other people get on with their lives. If an atheist knew how to run a bureaucracy without sweating about other people’s “irrational” beliefs and trying to impose his notion of perfect order on everyone, I would say let him rule.

The stupid assumption behind atheist frothing is that the purpose of the federal government is to run everyone’s life, and therefore everyone needs to select the figurehead for the federal government that will run his life the way he wants. This matches up perfectly with the traditional atheist strawgod who is invented by the idiot believer to do whatever the idiot believer wants.

FYI: That isn’t Christianity. That’s called “idolatry.”


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