Voice of the Oppressed Hypocrites

The identity-politics crisis deepens:

Several otherwise admirable, even heroic women seem to identify with Clinton so profoundly that they interpret rejection of her as a personal rebuke. Stung, they accuse Obama supporters of flighty illogic, but there’s a powerful, extra-rational emotional current in their arguments, a flailing in the face of an imagined betrayal. In their anger, they’re lashing out in all kinds of counterproductive ways, doing far more damage to feminism than a Clinton loss ever could. [Michelle Goldberg]

This is what happens when you pretend that your past and your future are tied up with some imaginary cohort defined by statisticians.  Some representative individual then jumps up and claims to be the incarnation of the spirit of “your people,” to be the exclusive conduit for their Voice, to be specially empowered to lead them out of their bondage and seize power in their name.

It is fascinating to watch the whole liberal mythos regarding oppressed minorities unravel and shake out a bunch of whining little hypocrites.


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