Beware of Dawgs

All your base are belong to us:


Ladies and gentlemen, we are on the cusp of a glorious age…the age of…the machine!

We appreciate your concern…it is noted and stupid. After all, we are scientists, much, much smarter than you. But perhaps a little demonstration will set your mind at ease.
    Somehow, the hidebound atheist scientific materialists don’t get it. It is such an effective parody because they actually believe that science is an unstoppable autonomous machine and they are smarter than anyone else. The pathetic, arrogant gangsta atheists really get off on their own bling-flinging. You see, no one who disagrees with them could actually understand science, because their personal prejudices are empirically derived! If you understand science, then you will agree with them, of course. If you disagree with them, it’s because you hate science, and therefore you are irrational and subhuman.
     I am willing to grant that every person has the benefit of volition and rational thought; and that given the same material reality, two people might come to different conclusions about the nature of truth, given different perceptual filters, emotional states, decision making process, education, and so forth. That doesn’t mean that material existence is not real, nor that there is no positive truth. It means that there is no perfect perception and no perfect rationality.
    Someone’s claim to superior rationality based on an appeal to scientific authority does not constitute a valid defense of their personal prejudices. An appeal to authority is an admission that you have chosen not to reason something out for yourself. Perhaps you don’t have time, you don’t understand the relevant concepts, you want to preserve your personal relationships, you need to keep your job, or you need the support of some political party, but the credit is not yours. Therefore, it is disingenuous to turn around and claim that “you” are more rational, that “you” rely only on science, or that “you” are more firmly grounded in reality, when actually it is your chosen authority who has those attributes, and your opinion is more properly classified as a superstition.
    A superstition is nothing more than the acknowledgment that you can observe a regularity in events, but do not understand the reason for the pattern. The scientific materialist, who hates the idea that there is something he cannot understand, claims that he can understand it because he can name the scientific discipline that would explain such phenomena. Even if he doesn’t understand it, someone does. Someone, somewhere in the world, has a science degree and an explanation for it, an explanation that would be confirmed by a majority of the recently published peer-reviewed studies by specialists in the field who hold tenure and have government funding, if the science fetishist could understand those studies.
    Someone knows the real answer or someone could know, someday; and that makes all the difference in the world to the faithful.

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