Waste of Time

Despite appearances, I really don’t have a position on the question of Intelligent Design vs. Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection or Creation Science vs. Theory of Evolution by Common Descent, or any similar “scientific” controversy.

Such controversies have nothing to do with science, in my opinion. Rather, they are about the best way to enthrone scientists as our moral guides, or the best way to use science to support idealism, or the best way to ensure that the entire ignorant populace obeys their gloriously scientific leaders, or the best way to prop up an ailing and weary old god, or the best way to make money from superstitious science-worshippers, or some other corrupt, worldly enterprise.

God is God; He doesn’t need any whiny defenders. God’s created universe is also going to be exactly what it is meant to be, regardless of what we say about it. And if you are a scientific materialist atheist who thinks that your highest calling in life is to beat down the irrational godbags so you can prove your moral superiority, well then, have at it. But it has nothing to do with science.


2 thoughts on “Waste of Time

  1. Just show what a difference one’s perspective makes. The fact is that it’s not the “irrational godbags” who are under attack.

    It is the whiny Wedge people, the ID crowd and some Chrsitians who have been fooled by them who are attacking science

  2. No, it doesn’t really have to do with one’s perspective. If you are concerned about “Wedge” people, then you are concerned about holding together your political coalition and marketing your platform to the ignorant. That is the way to self-ruin.

    A politically minded person of any stripe will be endlessly offended because the whole society is not perfectly in tune with their personal desires. This happens to anyone who places their trust in political solutions, whose self-esteem depends on their opinions being reflected back at them on every TV news show and on every blog they hang out on.

    When I hang out on science blogs, if someone doesn’t stomp the Christians to a bloody pulp, they’re considered a troll. But since my self-esteem isn’t determined by whether I am surrounded by bleating sheep, it doesn’t offend me.

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