Drunken Gibberish

I think I may know this person:

Darwinian 7/28/08 1:18 AM

Wow this d0uchebag actually has fanboys? Amazing! Do you guys sit around and talk about how silly evolution is and how smart you all are for not believing what those fascist evil “Scientists” are teaching University students? Sounds like a good hobby to me, how old is the earth again? 6,000 years old? Oh yeah that makes sense.

Im a libertarian damnit I hate everything because Im too smart, if you would just listen to me everything would be perfect. Vote ron paul! Abolish the fed! Abolish roads! Abolish public school! Abolish anything I have wierd stupid viewpoints on because Im so smart.

Libertarians are almost as bad as Anarchists, but atleast you guys believe in Jesus! “Jesus made me Im special!!!”

Anyways enjoy your useless fringe Ideology its perfect for “special” elitists like yourselves. Special in the down syndrome kinda way.

Negritude is also kind of hilarious in the racist idiot kind of way.

Ayways goodnight fanboys, enjoy your idiotic masturbatory fantasies.


Unfortunately, I don’t think this person has ever commented on my blog. It may not be anyone I know. However, it provides a perfect caricature of the right wing from the left wing, and illustrates why I despise politics:  because it makes otherwise normal people turn into gibbering idiots.

If it is someone I know who happens to be reading this, I just want to say that I feel sorry for you. I don’t know what happened to you when you were younger, but it must be really painful to think about it.

UPDATE: It turns out I do know who it is, since coincidentally I recently got a similar email. How bizarre, and even more pathetic than I thought.


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