Cattle Call

Go here to see how many low-IQ people read the New York Times online. The crowds of fearful cattle are milling around, getting nervous:

Are most of you actually serious? If you don’t understand why this was essential to our economy you are willfully ignorant, just as anyone who truly believes this is only about saving Wall St exec’s is naive and oblivious. Have fun watching America’s economic prestige disappear to the same depths as our foreign policy credentials. This will go down as one of the biggest failures of our government in this country’s history.

aw, charleston, sc

When the populism of ” class warfare” runs its overheated course, the average person or business will find, literally overnight, that their access to credit or capital is gone. Lives balanced by moving around debt will go into free fall. Companies will fire older employees, contract, and slash benefits. Leisure expenditures and luxuries will disappear as cash in pocket will be the only source of purchase. Millions will forgo homeownership, second cars, and college as the prospects for jobs after graduation will decrease. So, while the commentaries today are filled with passion, the other shoe is about to drop. Listen carefully to the Treasury and the Fed. As we contract, the Chinese will suffer as well and servicing our debt will no longer be so attractive in the world. Be careful what you are wishing for…..

— Jlevine, Northampton Mass and Quebec

Soon, the handlers will help them move up the ramp into the dark building around the corner, where there will be wonderful pastures and peace and harmony.


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