Shrug Off Atlas

Who are these losers? “John Galts,” indeed. A bunch of petty tyrants who would rather live under a dictator in another country than give up an extra dollar of their money. Let them go, I say. When the political wind changes in their expatriate haven, they’ll be crying for the US Marines to come and save them.

And what about the ones who stop working so hard, and instead keep their money in a savings account or a safe investment? I think that’s what they should have been doing before, if they hate working so much; and the financial system would be much better off now.

And by the way, if you can’t make money at your business, then find another one, instead of whining about how the government needs to help you out with tax breaks and subsidies.

More whiners who are going to cut back on tax-deductible Hummers and “business” golf outings:

Ron Hart

Dr. Helen

Darwin Central

Somehow, tax cheats aren’t really breaking the law, we are told, because the tax law doesn’t really matter, or the federal government doesn’t really enforce it, or federal agents don’t really use bullets, or something like that. But, you know, if some unskilled laborer from Mexico crosses the border without permission, he’s “breaking the law,” and should be shot or unceremoniously hustled away.

I say they’re both breaking the law, and both should suffer whatever consequences the authorities feel like doling out. That doesn’t take away from the fact that the laws they are breaking are overly complicated and arbitrarily enforced, like most laws. I personally sympathize with both types of offenders, but I don’t want either type to be allowed free rein. The problem is not with particular kinds of criminals, in regard to this type of lawbreaking; the problem is with the capricious and ineffective enforcement by the authorities, combined with the mindless support of the general populace for useless laws.


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