Why “Voting” Doesn’t Count

Why “voting” doesn’t count, but “choosing” does:

First, as Christians, we are to participate in the kingdom of God first and foremost and not spend our time, energy, and trust trying to improve the kingdoms of this world, in whatever forms they may come in (liberal, conservative, communist, or dictatorship…). We are called to an alternative kingdom, and our time, energy, and trust should be dedicated to that King.

Second, vote or don’t vote, but don’t believe the myth that voting will change the world. The way you live every day will. The way the church embodies the gospel in the world will. God bringing the kingdom will. But voting will not change the world. No matter what we vote, we are still choosing a government that cares about it’s own security, economy, and power, and is willing to use violence to preserve it. Voting is attempting to choose between the lesser of two evils in a complicated world filled with unwanted outcomes and consequences.

Third, remember that political idolatry is far to easy to fall into. If you find yourself defending a political ideology you have probably already started to idolize it- to put your hope in it- to believe that there is redeeming/saving/transforming power within a path of the kingdom of this world. Vote, don’t vote, have political opinions, or not, but remember that idolatry is far far to easy to fall into when it comes to politics. As Christians our hope lies in Christ, and his kingdom.  [Maria Drews]


2 thoughts on “Why “Voting” Doesn’t Count

  1. One related problem is that many Christians believe that they are choosing Christ when they support one position or the other. Conservatives generally want to legislate Christian behavior, and liberals want to legislate Christian benevolence, thinking this will please God. When we pass these responsibilities off on the government, however, we are not serving Christ – we are forcing others to do what we neglect.

    Regardless of political positions, I believe the underlying problem is that, somehow, our minds have merged America and God into one entity. I further believe that God is giving us the opportunity to learn the truth, by exposing the evils that are done in America’s name. Most Christians will probably not heed the myriad of warnings coming our way.

  2. Yes, I think we need to distinguish between Christian respect for heritage and law, and idolatrous Roman-style civic religion. Anyone who fails to use biblical discernment will be blind to God’s purposes.

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