Fed Ed

Will we finally see a comprehensive federal curriculum for public schools?

I’m all in favor of the federal government creating a monolithic, single-source, integrated, mandatory public school curriculum. Then its contents can be easily identified by everyone as propaganda. That worked out pretty well in the case of the Soviet Union, after all.

Speaking of propaganda, here is a recent report on the importance of teaching evolution in order to support the US biotechnology industry…

Ha! Just kidding! If you believed that, your name must be Ed. The historical study of evolution by natural selection has nothing to do with biotechnology. But there really is a report on the crisis in bioscience due to the massive failure of public education over the last few years:

Taking the Pulse of Bioscience Education in America

Citing a report from an association of state school superintendents, they claim that anywhere from 50% to 100% of biology teachers are certified; but that is only for the 28 states/districts who have biology certification, and those certification processes are not standardized. In fact, if you go by the best national standards for certification (www.nbpts.org), only a tiny minority of science teachers are well qualified. Go look up their statistics on how many middle and high school science teachers are certified, compared to how many there are total (www.nsta.org).

Although the studies cited by BIO are from the last five years, they reflect bad public education from the last 10-20 years. Interestingly enough, the decline of science education in public schools coincides with the increase of homeschooling; that is, the horrible, evil creationist homeschoolers who want to brainwash children are not responsible for the failures of public education. Instead of mounting a “protest movement” to change worthless public schools, the serious parents are educating their own children.

The parents who are whining about their children being taught evolution in the public schools are the ones who still desperately want the government to raise their children for them. To that end, they expect the government propaganda to always be true. The problem is that even if it were true, it would still be propaganda, and then the people who are correct would be the tyrants. The advantage of having Obama as president for the next seven years is that the progressives will have a chance to be the tyrants.


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