The Dogs of Science

Another phony “transitional fossil,” and more evidence that most so-called evolutionists still believe in linear descent:

She’s being called the “missing link in human evolution”, which is annoying. The whole “missing link” category is a bit of journalistic trumpery: almost every fossil could be called a link, and it feeds the simplistic notion that there could be a single definitive bridge between ancient and modern species.

Let’s Not Go Ape Over Ida

Yes, that’s the lovable Mr. Myers being quoted in the New York Times, pointing out how most of what the general public “knows” about evolution is superstition from the point of view of scientists. 

Now, saying this has caused me some trouble before. I’ve made such remarks in the past and people have gotten really angry with me for suggesting that many evolutionists are superstitious. But it’s a plain fact that for many people, all that matters is that they “believe in” evolution, even if their understanding of it is terribly shallow and contradicted by the mullahs of Science.


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