Evolution May Soon Be Taught in College Biology Classes

What do biochemistry, developmental biology, molecular biology, and neurobiology have in common? Evolutionary concepts related to these topics have not traditionally played a prominent role in an educator’s toolbox. But that needn’t be the case any longer. In October 2008, four prominent scientists presented examples from current research that can help educators incorporate evolutionary theory into each of these biological subdisciplines.

Illuminating Biology: An Evolutionary Perspective

I’m sure the research detailed on this site is very important for evolution scientists. However, the first question is, why is a sympathetic reporter claiming that evolutionary concepts are not traditionally taught in biochemistry, developmental biology, molecular biology, and neurobiology?

Is there something wrong with teaching evolution in a biology class? Why don’t college biology students routinely use the power of evolutionary theory to construct hypotheses, perform experiments, and prove the usefulness of evolutionary concepts? Isn’t evolutionary theory absolutely necessary for understanding any aspect of biological science? How could the modern US biotech industry have developed at all without these essential concepts?


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