FFQF: The Tongue Is a Fire

Favorite Founding Father's Quote Day


I cannot but reflect upon myself with Severity for these rash, inexperienced, boyish, raw, and awkward Expressions. A Man who has no better Government of his Tongue, no more command of his Temper, is unfit for every Thing, but Children’s Play, and the Company of Boys. 

A Character can never be supported, if it can be raised, without a good a great Share of Self Government. Such Flights of Passion, such Starts of Imagination, though they may strike a few of the fiery and inconsiderate, yet they lower, they sink a Man, with the Wise. They expose him to danger, as well as familiarity, Contempt, and Ridicule.

John Adams, Diary, December 31, 1772

From The Founders on the Founders (2008), edited by John Kaminski


2 thoughts on “FFQF: The Tongue Is a Fire

  1. I love it…

    You know I believe that John Adams was a god-fearing, Christian man; in your quote for him — especially the title — I immediately thought of the Books of James and of course, 1John.

    Thank you for an enlightening quote!!


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