The Yellow Knight

Despite his annoying quirks, his occasional vulgarity, his poor choice of friends, the low quality of his fiction writing, and the shallowness of some of his reasoning, there is a reason why I keep a link to Vox Day on my sidebar. Occasionally he offers very entertaining provocations:

So, will PZ dare to enter the Red Box? Given that this is the area of his scientific and academic expertise and I am, according to him, “a pathetic little twerp with delusions of grandeur”, there’s absolutely no reason he should not… unless, of course, he’s afraid he can’t present a sufficiently convincing case for Darwin’s dangerous idea.

UPDATE: Wow, the Pharyngulans are already hurling metaphorical feces, providing excuses for PZ to run away, and trying to change the subject to religion. I find their lack of faith… amusing.

Ho ho! This is rich. A much less arrogant evolutionist, Scott Hatfield, was willing to go a few rounds with Vox, and it didn’t hurt him at all. In fact, it mostly served to confirm the prejudices of his regular blog readers, and to educate some of the Vox Popoli in the finer points of Neo-Darwinism. Then Scott and Vox each went on their merry way.

However, PZ Myers has a leviathan ego, so much so that he believes it is his mission on earth to be intellectually sovereign in representing the entire scientific community against the barbarian biblical creationists. To this end, he has resolved to forever stay in his little tower and throw rotten vegetables down at them, rather than venturing forth and meeting them face to face, where he would risk wetting himself in public before the confrontation actually began.

This is because PZ doesn’t view “creation vs. evolution” as a scientific, economic, religious, or philosophical question, but rather as a political question. Vox is scientifically skeptical, but ultimately he sees it as an  question of economics, as shown during his debate with Scott. I see it as a philosophical question, and I am skeptical of both the scientific claims and the religious claims; that is, I don’t consider it to be pertinent to an understanding of natural processes or to personal salvation.

PZ, however, is mostly concerned with posturing, whining, and making political calculations. According to his political calculus, the cause of evolutionary indoctrination would be terribly damaged if its most important advocate were to be seen as acknowledging the credibility of any creationist, even a superficial rhetorical credibility. This pathetic circumstance, in which a moderately proficient science teacher is reduced to cynical political manipulations, perfectly illustrates why I despise politics.

I understand that blogging involves a lot of hot air and that the blogosphere itself is less important than many people think it is. However, most journalism and most political arguments are less important than many people think they are. I am not highlighting Vox’s mockery because I think it “proves” that evolution is wrong or that Vox is smarter or braver than PZ; they are actually both acting within the normal range of adolescent blog-silliness. I think it does prove that the truth of evolutionary theory is inconsequential to the “true believers.” They just want a social marker in a political game. Just as when “conspiracy theorists” are ignored by government officials, there is no pretense about finding out the truth.


More hysterical whining documented:  PZ attempts to make himself famous by confronting Ken Ham in the same way he doesn’t want creationists to confront him.


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