Protesting Government Indoctrination

Today I heard a radio program about the national protest against government indoctrination. Apparently, September 8th of this week was some kind of nationwide protest by conservatives, in which they pulled their children out of public school for a day in order to protect them from government-sponsored propaganda intended to indoctrinate them into accepting a socialistic, authoritarian worldview. I’m told that these patriotic parents were rebelling against a fascistic leader cult and showing their children the true meaning of liberty-loving independent thinking by boycotting the government indoctrination centers for a day. Hurray for these brave souls rising up against their oppressors for the sake of their children!


Oops! I guess it wasn’t a boycott of public schools after all. Following in the footsteps of those other socialist pinko figureheads, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, President Obama had decided to address public school children directly while they were in captivity. The rebellious parents were in fact NOT protesting against a president addressing a captive audience of children or children being forced to accept socialistic secular humanist indoctrination.

NO, these “conservative” parents are actually all in favor of public schools storing their children away for them every day and forcing them to accept lies. They just wanted this particular politician to stay within his daily allotment of free universal media coverage, his weekly allotment of exclusive radio airtime, and his quarterly allotment of free prime-time television airtime, and not to interrupt children in the middle of their evolutionary biology or sex ed classes.

This type of “conservative” parent disgusts me because they are so desperate to enlist the government in educating their children. All they want is for the government to “do its job” of telling their children what to think and how to “socialize” properly with their peers, and they will go to great lengths to make sure that everyone is spending that $10,000 per child in just the right ways. Every time I hear about these pathetic losers mobbing school board meetings, harassing teachers, or whining about dress codes, all I can think about is how they deserve what they get in terms of dumbed-down children. They’re lazy, self-centered, and hypocritical, and the liberal public school advocates are perfectly correct in despising them.


Dana writes:

Both Bush’s went much further than Obama toward making our schools a national stage for federal education politics.  Granted, Obama wishes to go further still, but the course has already been charted.

For twenty years, we steadily shift the power in education from the local community toward the federal government, and do nothing but occasionally grumble.  The president makes a speech, however, and we call for a National Keep Your Child at Home Day.  Suddenly, we’re worried about brainwashing in a “totalitarian-type telecast” befitting “banana dictators.”


4 thoughts on “Protesting Government Indoctrination

  1. I just wish they would admit it. According to John Taylor Gatto, this was one of the explicit reasons for the development of mandatory public education in the US.

    Yet nowadays most people deny it and act like it is the most natural thing in the world for parents to dump their children into a Spartan-style meatgrinder in order to educate them. “Both” sides grimly talk about the most effective ways to make children more dependent on institutionalized learning so that they will be prepared for the “real world.”

    Their idea of the “real world” is apparently a grown-up, large-scale version of a US public high school . . . also known as a “prison.”

    • As the kids say, Burn!!!

      My wife and I were both homeschooled all the way through high school. I can only imagine how messed up I’d be had my parents stuck me in public school. Thumbs down for “public education.” These people don’t know what they’re doing and their only solution is to keep pouring money into a failing system. What’s the definition of insanity again….?

  2. Thanks for the comments, Jason. It’s good to hear from someone who grew up homeschooled and managed to figure out how to interact with the “real world.” 😉

    I actually felt like I benefited from most of my classes in public school, but the best were in the DoD schools rather than a stateside district. I loved almost all my teachers, but the social environments in all my schools were terrible.

    It is ridiculous to claim that public schooling is necessary for proper socialization or that it provides the best possible education. It’s even worse to me when a conservative Christian defends it, because I feel like they should know better, so I get even more irritated.

    The best thing to say about public education is what Gatto has written, which is that it is effective at what it was designed to do: occupying children during the day so their parents can work; teaching them that their their parents are stupid; teaching them to be passive about learning; and teaching them that the “real world” consists of doing boring, repetitive work in a sterile institutional environment.

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