The Importance of Public School Socialization

[I]f one considers how TV shows such as “Law and Order” see fit to preach that homeschooled children are malnourished and abused little freaks, it seems only reasonable to point out in like manner that public schooled children are brainwashed, quasi-illiterate savages, with targets painted on their chests to boot.

Homeschool or Die!

Two arrests have been made in a homecoming night rape of a 15-year-old high school student that was witnessed by as many as 15 do-nothing bystanders. Some may have even participated in the two-hour attack in a San Francisco suburb while others apparently filmed the assault with cell phones, according to police. No one called police or helped the victim. “As people announced over time that this was going on, more people came to see, and some actually participated,” said a police official.

Do-Nothing Bystanders Watched, Filmed Calif. Rape

What makes this crime so shocking is that police say at least 20 people were involved in the rape or stood and watched the crime without going for help. …

Richmond High School has a 69 percent truancy rate and is in a school district that had 19 student murders last year. Fights at Richmond have been posted on YouTube, and a van was set on fire on the football field’s new artificial turf. An investigation by CBS station KPIX-TV last year found only a handful of the 16 security cameras in the school were working.

Police Look for More Suspects in Gang Rape

The victim drank a large amount of brandy in a short period of time while socializing, police said, then collapsed. Someone dragged her to a bench, where several people stripped her, beat her, stole her jewelry and other belongings, and raped her.

The sexual assault continued for about two hours, detectives estimate, with several young men and boys taking part, possibly including some who arrived after the attack began, as word spread. …

“We’re not animals. We’re not savages. We’re students and we’re trying to achieve,” Richmond High student Maritza Morales told the audience. …

“I’m devastated” about the rape, Richmond High senior Norma Bautista said. “We are not criminals. We are the future leaders. We are going to make a change. Everything they say about us — that we’re animals, that we’re not a community — we are a community. Why are they focusing on the negativity?”

Four charged in Richmond High rape case

If we do absolutely nothing more than we’ve done already — if Leslie packs up the whole project next week, next month or next year and ships Nini and Des off to whatever school will take them (and believe me, we have those days) — she’ll have done something amazing. She’ll have implanted in them a ferocious appetite for learning, and the idea that it’s full of wondrous discoveries. They have absolutely no idea that some children experience schoolwork as thankless drudgery, or human history as a tedious assortment of facts, dates and dusty objects in vitrines.

Home schooling: How we do it


Does the gang rape case have anything to do with Richmond, California in particular? No. People who obsess over geographical trivia are superstitious and overly concerned with shifting blame away from themselves. This sort of thing has happened in all kinds of different places.

What interests me is how this story exemplifies the stupidity of the claim that public school is the ideal environment, if not the only acceptable environment, for children to learn the proper ways to relate to others. This claim is the most outrageous and plainly false type of statement used to justify the attacks on homeschoolers. The average citizen brings it up as if this is their primary concern with regard to childhood development and their primary hope for the future of civilization. I would not entrust such a person with the care of a child, much less any kind of governing authority.

Anyone who brings up “socialization” in the context of a complaint about homeschooling is either a proponent of vicious totalitarian oppression or an absolute moron. I can’t tell you how much I loathe the self-righteous arrogance exhibited by this argument.


5 thoughts on “The Importance of Public School Socialization

  1. What amazes me is that we have gone – in such a short time – from a society where family is responsible for family, including feeding and teaching the youngins, to a society where no one is responsible for anything.

    That is the result of government education/brainwashing.

    FYI, I’ve moved from blogger to my own domain. Check it out:

  2. I updated your link on the blogroll.

    I guess I am not so amazed that it has happened in the broader society, since I do not believe in continual social progress. I am amazed at how many ignorant people there are who declare it to be normal and even necessary. I think my naivete reflects the old superstition that one’s own friends and family should not be susceptible to the delusions of the age.

    There is no other subject that would be as likely to bring me to blows with my extended family.

  3. No, I don’t believe in continual social progress, either. It would be nice, though, if we didn’t have to watch such a rapid regression.

    I get bent by those who claim OT verses that their families will all be saved, regardless of the fact that they are very obvious heathens. The only thing that can really protect us from the “delusions of the age” is the discernment of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

  4. ACK! How did I miss this one? I was homeschooled from beginning to end. Let me tell you something, I socialize better as an adult than most of my peers. Who did I socialize with when I was younger? Mostly other adults. And then when I was around people my own age, all I could think of was immature they were and went to look for an adult to have a serious conversation with. The sad thing is, this went on well into my 20’s. That is, sad for the idiot 20 year olds I’d be around, not for me.

    Because my parents homeschooled me I was never subjected to peer pressure, never caught up having to be “cool”, hardly ever got sick, and I ended up being reasonably more intelligent then most of my co-workers. Seriously, I had to explain the difference between Sadism and Satanism to a woman who had 10 years and six kids on me.

    I’m also dyslexic. If I had been in public school I would have been held back and doped up.

    There is no excuse that validates public schools. They’re a bad idea and need to be shut down. The last people that should be responsible for educating and taking care of our children are the government.

    Plus, I hate school buses sooooooo much. Yellow monsters we called them when I was growing up. All they did was eat up kids and then spit them out.

  5. Although I am a strong proponent of homeschooling, and my own daughter would also be severely disadvantaged if she were in public school, I have decided on a moderate stance with respect to public schooling.

    I would advocate its utility for the purpose of daycare for the working poor and for neglected or abandoned children, provided it operated strictly on local authority. My interactions with public school teachers have convinced me that this is the only purpose they can honestly justify, as this is primarily what they are doing already.

    My interactions with college instructors have convinced me that there is no justification for the claims of academic excellence in public schools; high achievement is always due to extraordinary initiative on the part of an individual teacher, the student, or the parents.

    The socialization argument is plainly ridiculous, yet it is extremely common. Its prevalence is a sign of the widespread despair about the persistent failures in public schooling, a tacit admission that “education” in the public system is a waste of time.

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