Politics Is an Insurance Scam

The phony “healthcare reform” pushed by the socialist Obama might have helped save the phony “businesses” now known as health insurance companies:

The health care legislation under construction in Congress would force the insurers to conduct business very differently, but the companies had already agreed to some of the most fundamental changes. One was their pledge to offer coverage to everyone, regardless of medical status, if the government could ensure that people, even the young and healthy, would have to sign up.

In return, Mr. Funtleyder noted, Congress was potentially delivering as many as 30 million new customers to the insurance market — many of whom would be able to afford coverage because the government would subsidize the cost of premiums.

“That’s real revenue, even for Wall Street,” he said.

These changes were necessary in order for them to keep up the pretense that they had a viable business model rather than a rigged gambling racket run by mobsters called “insurance executives.”

But now, in the possible absence of forced change to their business, the insurers still face the daunting challenge of selling a product that is increasingly out of reach for more Americans as the cost of medical care — and thus premiums — continues to climb.

Oh no, they might still go out of business! Is it possible that their old strategy of locking in customers by stealing their wages is self-defeating?

Moreover, the industry’s main business of selling coverage through employers has largely stalled, while the weak economy has speeded the loss of customers as people lose their jobs and their health insurance.

“People are still being crowded out of the market because they can’t afford it,” said Sheryl R. Skolnick, a health care analyst for Pali Capital in New York.

Not to worry–like all the other corporations who are “citizens” of the US, they have a constitutional right to smothering help from their sugar daddies in the federal government.

For insurers, the largest risk may be that without a government-led overhaul, their industry faces an even bleaker future should medical costs and premiums continue to soar, perhaps eventually prompting draconian changes from the government.

Once again, this little exercise in modern democracy proves that most “partisan politics” is fake. The larger system is set up to benefit certain people by milking other people. If some of the fake “people” called corporations fail at sucking money out of the real people, they will be trashed and replaced with a more efficient mechanism.

And what about all of that baloney about the free market, capitalism, conservative Republicans, self-reliance, property rights, and fighting against the evil “redistribution of wealth”, as was preached to me by self-righteous “conservatives” here? The only free market capitalism going on in Washington DC is by the “conservative” and “liberal” politicians who whore themselves out on a regular basis.

Politics is an insurance scam.


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