Evolution versus Genetics

In his 1936 book Paläontologie, Entwicklungslehre und Genetik, Otto Schindewolf wrote:

An essential blame for the presently hostile circumstances is borne by the longstanding opposition between evolutionary theory and genetics…. Since only one can be right, some extreme Mendelists, proceeding from their one-sided viewpoint, reject evolutionary theory entirely. On the other side the persuaded phylogeneticists see in the theory of descent a science that is above all doubt and believe accordingly that the results of inheritance theory can be neglected. [“Forward”]

Ah, yes. Yet another piece of evidence that the first half of the twentieth century was characterized by extreme tension due to apparently irreconcilable differences between geneticists and evolutionists.

It is also yet another piece of evidence that Ed Darrell is full of baloney. Ed Darrell is the evolutionary activist who doesn’t know the history of evolutionary theory, the “history teacher” who doesn’t read twentieth-century history, the Internet scholar who cites lots of printed books but doesn’t read them, the Darwin-worshipper who thinks Darwin understood genetics, and the defender of murdered Soviet evolutionists who thinks Stalin was a creationist. The self-righteous Vox flea “JF” was sorely offended when I called Ed an idiot, but it is an inescapable fact that Ed cannot be taught anything. And that is how I can rationalize being mean to Ed, since I wish only that he was capable of reading and learning at a tenth-grade level, and I expended much effort to patiently instruct him, while he remained stubbornly ignorant and entrenched in his prejudices.

Once again, just in case Ed or another illiterate squid groupie shows up here to whine, I am not saying that biologists necessarily concur at present that there is any conflict between genetics and evolutionary theory. I personally think there is, and I know that a lot of biologists consider evolutionists to be religious fanatics, but I am not saying right now that there is a general attitude of hostility between the two disciplines. The point is that scientific opinion was unsettled during the early twentieth century, and the deaths of Soviet geneticists had absolutely nothing to do with any prejudice against evolutionary theory.


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