What a huge waste of time:

For Media Industry, a Mixed Bag in iPad

One of the main things Apple has going for them is the Apple Mystique, a superstition about their marketing genius. For this product they wasted all their free publicity and brought out an oversized iPhone without the camera or phone–an e-reader that links directly to an overpriced marketplace for the some of the biggest old-media losers. When a half dozen other manufacturers bring out cheaper, more versatile products later this year, the iPad will sink into obscurity as another Apple also-ran.

The only thing that might save the bottom line is if Apple sells them at cost to every public school in the US and negotiates deals with the textbook publishers to put DRM-locked e-textbooks on them.


3 thoughts on “iJunk

    • I suppose if the objective is to cover the portable media consumption category, they’ve accomplished that with the iPad. However, I just can’t visualize carrying this around and using it the way I would a iPod, an iPhone, or a Kindle, so I see it as a pretty weak entry to the category. For something this size they should have juiced it up a little on the media side (with a webcam) or on the productivity side (allowing uploads).

      I think its pretty, but it won’t be as revolutionary for the e-book and e-zine market as they think it will. As an e-reader, it’s overpriced, and the old media are going to keep introducing distortions to the digital content pricing that will cause them to keep losing market share for awhile.

      For most people I think the iPad will end up on the coffee table or nailed to the kitchen wall, as a third option for media consumption. After consumer sales lag expectations, Apple should market it as a thin-client e-reader with dedicated content to schools and hospitals, and in two or three years I think that’s the only place you’ll see them. Meanwhile, the personal e-reader/e-viewer market will be taken over by a combination of cheap knockoffs of the iPad and more sophisticated devices with more versatile hardware platforms.

  1. In this we agree, time will tell how this device ends up, on the coffee table as a cute talking point when company comes over or in briefcases, purses, and backpacks as a new delivery system for content of an ever mobile and virtually connected society.

    I also agree it won’t replace the iPods and iPhone, but it is a direct attack on Kindle, QUEs, and Sony eReaders.

    Also, I agree, the more companies that enter the eReader space, the more pressure we see to drop prices and that will help everyone as well. I for one can’t fit any more books into the library space I have in this house (and I only keep the books I like or use as reference), at this point I have to look at eBooks. 8)

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