Hitler’s Health Insurance Plan

Why do most conservatives insist that the cornerstone of any healthcare system must be employer-funded, tax-deductible, group health insurance? It’s the same reason why all the health insurance companies insist that any health insurance reform include a requirement for everyone to have health insurance. And it has nothing to do with individual responsibility.

The current system requires that, for the typical health insurance plan, the risk pools consist primarily of healthy, middle-class, somewhat literate, employed people working full time and having annual income at or above the median amount. In order for this to work, nearly all such eligible people must be in the plan, to counterbalance the tiny percentage of chronically ill, lower-class, lower-income, or stupid people allowed into the plan.

For the “healthcare elite” who are in such a plan, life is good, as long as nothing really bad happens. They can take full advantage of any health services without any idea of the actual cost. A scan? Send it to the insurance company. A medical device? Pay a $8 copay and send it to the insurance company. Medications? Just pay the $10 copay and send the bill to the insurance company. Who cares what the “real” cost is? The doctor and the patient usually don’t even know. Personal responsibility for healthcare? Isn’t that someone else’s problem?

However, they can’t lose their job; or if they do, they must immediately get another one. They can’t get a costly or disabling chronic illness, or one for which the only treatments have a low probability of success. They can’t have any serious addictions. As long as they stay lucky, their employer will help out by excluding from employment, or at least from eligibility for the group health insurance, anyone who is chronically ill, lower-class, lower-income, stupid, or in any way genetically predisposed to disease.

Ahhh . . . the blessed free market . . . free of interference by the sick, the old, the poor, the stupid, and the defective. Throw them under the bus and listen to the comforting thump-thump as they are run over. Let them suffer and die miserably so that the strong and capable Übermenschen can live free and guiltless.

Then, one day, they come for you. One day, you are no longer the golden boy favored by the National Socialist government tax subsidies. Maybe you lose your job, or your child gets a terminal illness, or you stop getting routine checkups, or you just get too old to work full time. Now you get to find out the real cost of health insurance premiums, medications, lab tests, office visits, hospital stays, intensive care, chronic disease treatment, hospice care, home health care, and assisted living. Now you know the meaning of personal responsibility in a system rigged to favor the strong, the rich, and the lucky. Suddenly you find out what is ground up and stuffed into the healthcare sausage:  It’s people!

Where before you whined about all the “social parasites” being supported by your tax dollars, now you are one of the social parasites being supported by someone else’s tax dollars. Now you love Medicare; not because it’s “socialized medicine”, but because you deserve to have the National Socialist government take care of you, even though you are not good enough to be in the ordinary health insurance plans.

The private health insurance system is a scam. It is not “conservative”, it is not “libertarian”, it is not a “free market system.” It is not a business; it is a racket. The only benefit of it is the fact that it hides the costs from the victim while it sucks the life out of them. And it is all supported by a National Socialist government in order to maintain the political façade of not being involved in the private sector, even though 50% of the income for the healthcare “private sector” already comes from the government.

But you can just ignore the truth about the bloated, insolvent, corrupt health insurance industry that is subsidized by the National Socialist government. Go to your little tea parties and whine about the commies who want to take over the job as your sugar daddy, even while you pay into the collectivist system that keeps you ignorant.


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