Darwin Is No Excuse for Stupidity

Here is the difference between making up a good story and making technology:

When you approach a scientific problem with design in mind, you have different goals and methods than a Darwinian does.  You attack the problem assuming there is a good design that needs to be understood.  Then, you have a goal of improving human life by applying what is understood to real problems we face.

That’s why I don’t really care whether evolution is “true.” It’s just a story and it has no technological application outside of eugenics, transhumanism, Planet of the Apes, or The Island of Dr. Moreau, all of which are fantasy stories.

The only practical effect it can have is from the actions of people who choose to adopt it as an ideology and use it as an excuse to control other people who have superstitious beliefs about the importance of being scientific at all times. If someone else then chooses to blame Darwin for the crimes of the evolutionists, they have implicitly accepted the excuse. And that is why it is a waste of time to blame Darwin when we should be making people accountable for their own choices and actions.


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