Ignoring the Anarchists

The Coming Insurrection (Adbusters)

Extreme Left Calling People to Arms

The Coming Insurrection (text)

This is apparently the latest bugaboo about a communist uprising, coming to me a few months late. Sorry, I don’t buy it. Marxism and communism are not worth agonizing over; they are simply idealistic rationalizations for violent anarchism. They have no intrinsic value, no cultural force, no principles that have not been stolen from someone else.

I know that talk about anarchism makes lots of Christians uncomfortable. Anarchism has a bloody history, and in the last hundred years it has been closely associated with Marxism. Moreover, “Christian anarchism” is not too far from “liberation theology” and “social justice” movements, which are generally communist and “anti-colonialist,” meaning they demonize Anglo-American and Euro-American culture.

All of that is quite beside the point if you actually read the Gospels without filtering them through church dogma or systematic theology. Jesus was undeniably against religious authorities without being against God. He didn’t advocate overthrowing civil authorities, but he also didn’t advocate political activity. Most of the people who think that anarchism is anti-Christian just blow past the Gospels because they don’t talk enough about killing your enemies and setting up a political regime.

Some evangelicals rationalize this by saying that the entire purpose of the Gospels was to prefigure the milllenial kingdom when Jesus will reign on earth, so they actually have nothing to say to Christians, other than to look forward to the future kingdom. Most evangelical Christians, however, simply ignore Jesus because he just didn’t care enough about the important things, like public relations, changing laws, running a political party, staging protests, complaining about the current rulers, investing in business, or blogging.

To me, being a Christian means acknowledging that all those things are transitory and unimportant. Jesus was anarchistic while on the earth in the sense that he just didn’t care about the people who were obsessed with political and religious power. He is anarchistic in another sense in that he will eventually sweep away the powers of this world.


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