Imagine No Earth Worshippers

Is the climate around global warming changing? | spiked

The real driver of the climate change scare has been the political demand for certainty, a Great Moral Truth that society can be organised around. The genuine ambiguities of the science and the policy options have been obliterated – something that the BBC itself has been serially guilty of. If critics of the orthodoxy push the idea of a ‘conspiracy’ too much, this may divert attention from the real lesson of Climategate: that this climate change business is all just a lot more complicated than many have been prepared to admit and pressing the panic button right now would be a very stupid idea. . . .

A new approach is required that takes a more grown-up approach to climate change, one that is based on dealing with a potential practical problem of rising temperatures rather than an existential crisis that demands the wholesale impoverishment of society in the name of ‘the planet’.

This is the basic truth that the “deniers” have been trying to communicate to the self-righteous Global Cooling advocates. The Gaia-worshippers are unwilling to admit that they are instituting a new religion, an ideology that cynically uses science for social engineering. To that extent they ignore the pragmatism of technology in favor of moralizing and scolding.

Underlying their misanthropic “Save the Planet” rhetoric is also a callous hypocrisy with regard to the alleged basis for their faith, Darwinian evolution by natural selection. If I truly believed in the good news of evolution by natural selection and the liberation of humanity from the tyranny of teleology, I would have absolutely no concern about environmental changes, regardless of the source. The conventional multibillion-year narrative of earth history includes numerous accounts of global disaster far worse than the currently popular one, yet the moral of the fable is that life somehow adapted and evolved. In this epic saga, the tiny, tiny role played by one species of hairless hominid is simply ridiculous, and its ultimate extinction is not only unavoidable, it is absolutely assured. Yet, the egotistical Gaians are so full of guilt and tragic self-importance that they don’t even care about the biggest part of their supposedly “scientific” viewpoint.


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