I’m not paranoid enough

Spies Among Us: Modern-Day Espionage – Newsweek

Espionage has become so ubiquitous in the corporate world, Javers says, that billion-dollar merger-and-acquisition deals are almost never made these days without highly skilled spies getting involved.

Using some of the most sophisticated technology in the world (like a laser that can record conversations from a kilometer away by picking up the slightest vibrations on an office window), these firms are staffed almost entirely by former military and intelligence officials, from the U.K.’s MI5 to Russia’s KGB. The CIA even has a policy that allows its analysts to “moonlight” for major corporations.

I’ve met some of these dirtbags, such as the blockheads who couldn’t hack it as g-men and so became muscle for a corporate HR department. The ones I didn’t meet, fortunately, were the former black ops guys working as corporate bodyguards.


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