You have no rights

Web host criticized for closing blog service | Media Maverick – CNET News

Joe Marr,’s chief technology officer, made no apologies in an interview with CNET on Monday. Marr acknowledged that an employee goofed when the person originally informed Yusupov and members of the media that the FBI had ordered Blogetery be shut down. The FBI had nothing to do with it, Marr said. Blogetery was cut off because it hosted material that violated its terms of service.

For some reason, conservatives are more paranoid about infringement of civil rights and liberties by government entities than by private entities. This is entirely misguided.

Under the terms of US law concerning contracts, real property, and intellectual property, a US citizen has almost no rights at work, at home on rental property, at home within a subdivision, in a dispute with a service provider, or in using any purchased product. At work and at home on rental property, a US citizen has no “right” to freedom of speech, freedom of association, or carrying a weapon. Under the terms of a homeowners’ association contract, a homeowner can lose all their property rights without due process if they fail to pay the fees. Any contract with a service provider can be cut off without warning or due process and with no recourse. Any product that contains “intellectual property” is not actually owned by the “buyer”, but is merely licensed for temporary, limited use.

This is ultimate libertarianism: the tyranny of the property owner and the contract lawyer. 


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